Medical tourism – medical services for foreign citizens

Početna    Medical tourism – medical services for foreign citizens


Medical tourism in Serbia – if needed, we provide adequate healthcare, transport and other medical services for foreign citizens. Our dedicated team of experts offers variety of services which may be necessary to a foreign citizen staying in our country or transiting through.
We are at your disposal for the following: accommodation arrangement at proper healthcare facilities, comprehensive healthcare and help of any kind, ambulance transport and a great deal of other services both, medical and logistic-medical, for foreign citizens. Thanks to the dedication of Eliksir Healthcare Centre team every foreigner will make himself/herself at home while using services of medical tourism.

Medical tourism in Serbia- services we offer

Medical tourism conducted by Eliksir Healthcare Centre provides homelike services for foreigners. Our highly qualified staff, if needed, offers to all foreign citizens staying in our country as tourists or transiting through Serbia the following medical and logistic-medical services:

  • complete logistics and accommodation arrangement at proper healthcare facilities in case of sudden illness or accident
  • medical tourism with an organised personal medical escort during transport and medical examination
  • comprehensive healthcare and help of any kind during treatment and recovery
  • home visits, treatments and professional medical attention
  • ambulance transport to a wanted destination both, domestic and foreign, with a professional medical escort
  • air ambulance transport arrangement to a wanted foreign destination with a professional medical escort
  • complete logistics and hotel, apartment or hostel accommodation arrangement for the next of kin and travelling companions
  • longer stay arrangement or further travel arrangement for the next of kin or travelling companions

Contact us if you need any further information – our friendly team is at your disposal.

Adequate healthcare for foreign citizens

The care services we offer to foreign citizens are tailored to their needs and cover everything that a patient may need for successful medical attention in our country.

Logistic-medical services for foreigners

You can depend on Eliksir Healthcare Centre team regarding any kind of logistics and organisation during treatment. Arranging the accommodation and transport both, for the patients and their loved ones, should be left to us.

The expertise of our team at all times

We consider the competence and dedication of our team to be our greatest asset. The patients and their loved ones can be at ease, for expertise and professionalism are thought to be the imperative.